Gift Card Solution for Magento 2

Gift Card Solution for Magento 2

What is Magento 2 Gift Card

Gift Cards can help merchants attract more customers, drive extra revenue and get their brands noticed. By offering a wide array of gift card types and pricing schemes, you can create a smooth and effective gift-giving practice for your Magento 2 store.

Double sales and retain customers by providing advanced gifting options. Offer no-contact gift cards that can be cashed-out later to grow revenue and keep business stable even during the lockdowns.

Challenge for Online Stores

Every day thousands of customers browse through online stores to find an ideal gift, but for most of them, it’s a challenging task. According to research, in such cases customers prefer to buy certificates: about 50% of respondents admit that certificates let recipients select the present according to their taste. But the default Magento functionality doesn’t have all the necessary options for flexible gift card management, which leads to potential losses.

Solution for your store

The Gift Card extension for Magento 2 easily solves the gifting dilemma by offering a powerful certificate system. Specially designed vouchers motivate customers to buy more and significantly increase their average order value in your store. The module lets admin users create virtual products with different pricing types, use predefined card images or upload their own ones and helps them to keep track of all purchased gift certificates.

How to create Gift Card in Magento 2?

Creating a Gift Card
Creating a Gift Card

You can read full guide here:

Gift Card Product Types

Admins can generate virtual, physical, or combined gift card products with the email or post-delivery options (or both) depending on the card’s type.

Configurable Card Values

The module allows setting either fixed (determined at the admin level) or open (determined by customers themselves) card values.

Custom Email Templates

When installed, the extension provides several pre-configured email templates. Each of those can be used depending on the merchant’s business purpose.

Gift Card Personalization

Customers can tailor the provided gift cards to their individual preferences by selecting the preferred design, card value (if allowed), etc.

Gift Code Tracking

A grid with all issued gift codes shows the remaining balance, which codes are active, used, partially used, etc. With the provided filtering options, admins can sort gift codes by the initial amount, balance, expiration date, delivery date parameters, etc. Additionally, they can track usage history of each particular gift code.

Manual Code Creation

Gift codes can be created and delivered manually from the backend.

User-Friendly Interface

All controls are gathered under a single tab, allowing for an uninterrupted workflow.

Card Patterns

Create a set of unique patterns for different occasions or holidays, add suffixes and postfixes, define cards’ length, add dashes, and generate cards as you go.

Gift Card Pools

The Gift Card Pools store generated gift cards of a particular type or pattern. The pools can be assigned to particular gift card products, and the codes of sold gift cards will be taken from this pool in this case.

Card Import/Export

Having a set of previously issued gift card codes, import them to the pool for further distribution. You can also export a list of generated card codes to print physical cards.

Magento API Support

The store owner gets full control over the gift cards via REST and SOAP API from other integrated systems, such as CMSs, apps, CRMs and widgets.

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