6 Types of Affiliate programs

6 Types of Affiliate programs

1. Pay Per Click Affiliate Commissions

Once the referral uses the affiliate link, banner, or widget, the affiliate will get a commission. This method is an internet advertising model to drive traffic to websites without seeding links manually.
The program is popularly for promotion banners, links. When one clicks on the banners, links navigating to your site, the visit is counted, and the affiliate earns from this transaction.
The number of visits/clicks will be recorded and stored systematically on a statistic table in both the Affiliate’s account and the admin’s report.

2. Pay Per Lead Affiliate Commissions

The pay-per-lead affiliate program (PPA) is a type of cost-per-acquisition program that compensates affiliates for acquiring prospects. It’s so-called cost-per-lead, cost-per-action, and pay-per-action program.
An affiliate will get a commission after the referral makes a lead-action. Some common lead actions include:

  • Create an account
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Subscribe for newsletter
  • Download or install a website

3. Pay-per-impression Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate will get a commission based on the number of impressions on the promotion banners from the referral. After the referral views the banner, it’s counted as an impression. The value of commissions paid for affiliates can depend on the specific number of impressions. For instance, an affiliate will get $30 for 300 impressions accumulated in total on a banner.

4. Pay-per-sale Affiliate Program

In this program, the affiliates will get the commissions based on the conversion of sales. It means that after the referral makes an order, the affiliate will receive a commission.
In the backend configuration, you can set up types of commissions as a fixed amount or calculated by the percentage of grand total or total profits. Different Affiliate tiers can have different commission value.

5. Hidden Programs

You can create a hidden program and manually assign it to a particular affiliate. All visible programs automatically assigned to all affiliates.

6. Tiers

As you know, there are many different tiers in an affiliate system. Affiliates also can earn more from other affiliates. After referring to another affiliate successfully, an affiliate will receive commissions as well.

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