How to Become a Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager?

How to Become a Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager?


Nature of Work

The marketing manager is responsible for market research, advertising, public relations, sales,
and client service. Coordination of strategic business planning, including the development and
implementation of a company marketing plan is usually the marketing manager’s responsibility.

An important area of activity is the day-to-day identification of new business opportunities,
whether private clients or bid work. The manager is not a salesperson in the usual sense. Trust,
confidence, and relationships are primary to the sale. Building the public’s awareness and
recognition of the company is also the marketing manager’s job.

Communications and people skills are essential for the job, along with an optimistic and strong
self-starting attitude to keep tracking down construction leads and knocking on doors. This
position invites creativity and strong problem-solving skills and requires an individual capable
of juggling many activities (leads) at the same time. It is a necessity that the marketing manager
is able to get all employees involved in the marketing process.

Education and Training

There are two schools of thought on the type of background a marketing manager needs in order
to be successful. Many construction executives believe it’s best to hire a non-technical college
graduate with prior sales experience, regardless of the type of sales involved. Others advocate the
training of an energetic, personable project manager or anyone with a construction background
and a sales personality. Both methods have been successful. A college degree and excellent
writing and public speaking skills are desirable.

As owners and developers (buyers of construction services) become more knowledgeable and
increasingly hire their own consultants with construction experience, knowledge of construction
systems may, however, become a prerequisite for the construction firm’s marketing manager

Advancement Potential

Marketing managers often have the title of Vice President and are considered part of the
company’s upper management team. If successful, their income is usually among the top two or
three in the company. They sometimes become chief executive officers of their construction firm
or owner of a construction company.

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The digital economy is thriving at an overwhelming rate, which has
had a positive impact on job availability and career progression
within the industry.

Digital is driving revenue. Its reputation for being a targeted and
measurable specialism has meant that digital marketing budgets are
expanding aggressively. Organizations have recognized that utilizing
digital tools and channels can generate impressive Return On
Investment and create a considerable competitive edge.

Digital ad spending worldwide is projected to reach 252 billion
dollars by 2018 as it steadily becomes the largest advertising
medium, overtaking TV and traditional print and securing its position
as the most important component of a successful marketing

As the demand for digital marketing activity across all industries
increases so do the need for skilled digital marketing managers,
who can leverage their core skills to implement and oversee an
efficient, effective digital strategy.

There is an urgent need for digital marketing managers

Employment for digital marketing managers is estimated to grow 9
percent from 2014 to 2024, a much faster average than any other

In an analysis conducted by Moz (which looked at over 75,000
vacancies posted on job websites and LinkedIn to see which job titles
appeared most frequently), the most in-demand job titles identified

“digital marketing manager”

“marketing manager”

If you are looking to advance your career and gain a foothold in a
management level position, the digital industry can support your
career ambitions. Organizations often look to recruit candidates with
a diverse, comprehensive skillset, and a firm understanding of the
key practices within digital marketing.

To enhance your employability, all you need to do is consult our
essential skills checklist and make sure you’ve ticked the right boxes!

Digital Marketing Manager skills checklist

Being an effective digital marketing manager is all about possessing
the perfect combination of creative, analytical and technical
capabilities. Employers will always favor well-rounded candidates
with the ability to conceive high-level strategies who can also apply
meticulous attention to detail when necessary. To make it that little
bit easier for you to achieve your management goals, we’ve outlined
the crucial skills you should focus on developing below.


A digital marketing manager is the architect of an organization’s
digital strategy who determines where and how a time’s time and
budget is spent.

You may not be involved in executing a strategy at a granular level,
but you will need to be able to support your digital marketing team
by having a strong understanding of their overall and individual
workflows. From setting business objectives to budget tracking,
to measuring overall performance, the more strategic planning
experience you can acquire, the better.

Whatever the size of the project, if you can demonstrate and
document your ability to manage it effectively, it will benefit your
skillset considerably.


Being able to assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing
strategy is an essential skill for any manager. If you have a talent for
leveraging analytics tools, you will be able to identify both issues and
opportunities, and ultimately replicate your team’s strategy success.

According to Inc, research predicts a shortfall of up to 1.5 million data-savvy managers by 2018.

If you can access and navigate a frequently used tool such as Google
Analytics to gain an insight into the wider metrics that matter, you will
be better placed to delegate and drive decisions to grow traffic and
leads, and drive sales. This will showcase the leadership skills you’ll
need to succeed!


Generally, a large proportion of a website’s traffic is generated by
paid advertising, from a sponsored update on LinkedIn or an ad on
the Google Display Network. As a digital marketing manager, you will
need to be able to allocate and manage budgets and guarantee the
best possible Return On Investment for your organization.

Budgeting is a crucial skill for any manager and one that has a
fundamental impact on the success of any digital marketing efforts.
Try to gain as much experience as possible in budgeting, whatever
the scale, whether it’s a Facebook ad or a Google AdWords campaign.
Finding an opportunity within your particular digital specialism to run
a budget will significantly help to showcase your management skills


Knowledge of key inbound digital marketing concepts is
fundamental for a manager. Whether you’re advancing from a
specialist role or not, managers are strategic generalists. You
need to be able to understand the role of everything from content
creation and distribution, personalized email and social media, to the
importance of having a search-optimized website.

90% of buyers say that when they’re ready to purchase, they’ll find
you. You can cement your status as an effective digital marketing
manager by encouraging the employment of inbound tactics to help
them find you that little bit quicker.

According to Inc, research predicts a shortfall of up to 1.5 million data-savvy managers by 2018

Pursue your promotion

According to Wanted Analytics, the biggest talent shortage
within the digital industry is for marketing manager roles, with
an average of only two candidates available per job opening.
You can capitalize upon this urgent demand by strengthening
your digital skillset.

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