5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners 2018

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners 2018

In here is video 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners 2020


In this video I share my 5 affiliate marketing tips for beginners and these tips are evergreen! If you apply these tips in your business and do them consistently (not just here and there), you’ll see a massive shift in your business.

Let me know any questions below!


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44 thoughts on “5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners 2018

  1. The title is an absolute lie. The title should read "5 Affiliate Marketing ESSENTIALS For Beginners 2018". None of these things shes talking about should be taken with a grain of salt, these vital.

    1. If you aren't using an inbetween, you are no different than that pushy sales girl or guy at the mall kiosk. It's off-putting and more importantly, you don't get sales. And if you do, it's minimal and not efficient. (kiosk example I stole from someone else) 😛

    2. People love reviews, they are easily digestible and It's WAYYYY easier to market a product you KNOW and believe in, it's just that simple.

    3. Comparing or "Depositioning" the competitor is one of the best ways to tell your customer why you're unique, and why you are THE option, not just "an" option.

    4. No brainer, build a list and remarket with similar products. Way easier to market to customers who have already purchased through you.

    I would add that you should master copywriting.

    3 copywriting basics in order:

    1. Learn what your customer wants – their internal, external, and philosophical needs.
    2. Use emotion and power words to bring those wants to view (and even some wants they didn't know they had) benefits – features – deposition competitors
    3. Strong call to action at the end – why should they act and why now?

    Great video by the way.

  2. Digital Altitude is currently being sued by the FTC for dishonest and deceptive activities. Did you look into the company before making all that money with them? Serious question. I want to know how thoroughly you research companies you market for before promoting them.

  3. thanks, just starting and this is very confusing. Your video at least let me know that I am in the fog and some additional services that I should consider, if I make a go of this.
    thanks for the video!

  4. This is so helpful. I am an active affiliate marketer and I would really recommend these tips for beginners because this is where I started. Since I found out that I love how affiliate marketing emerges I became more interested in learning more of it. Now with all the learning and researches that I am doing, I am now a coach of newcomers and aspirants. It is fulfilling to see them grow and love what I love to do too and just apply the tips and advice I taught them. Thanks for this video, Rupali!

  5. if i share a product review into my youtube channel and share the product purchase link, do i get percentage from only the product i shared or there is any other way to get profit percentage of any of product of the company got sold from my affiliate link.

  6. Hi Rupali, I created a review website in the health niche but I am stuck on creating content, do you have any tips for creative writing, i want the review to sound interesting and enticing to the customer, not boring…. thanks!

  7. Great video and content, thank you! 🙂 This is the first video from you that I watch and you defenitly made me watch some more and suscribe to your channel of course 😉 Good luck to you and I wish you success with your nice channel! 🙂 Alex, from France, starting a new online entrepreneur life right after I turned 40 few months ago lol 😉

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