Gretel and Hazel FLOPS after WOKE Marketing, proving AGENDA DOES NOT SELL

Gretel and Hazel FLOPS after WOKE Marketing, proving AGENDA DOES NOT SELL

In here is video Gretel and Hazel FLOPS after WOKE Marketing, proving AGENDA DOES NOT SELL

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29 thoughts on “Gretel and Hazel FLOPS after WOKE Marketing, proving AGENDA DOES NOT SELL

  1. These people really don't understand men or women, or fairy tales.

    A princess isn't awakened by a male to have her dreams and freedom destroyed. She is awakened from a slumber which is a prison. In fact, the entire idea behind sleeping beauty (and arguably every princess story) is leaving the prison of childhood and becoming an adult woman.

    And yes, that involves getting intimate with the opposite sex for the vast majority of humans throughout our species' history. And no, it isn't a fucking hellscape. So goddam tired of these prudish puritans being unable to stop hating normal human interaction.

  2. I knew something was fishy when they switched the order of the names, Hansel and Gretel just roles off the tongue better, they didn't put them in that order because the patriarchy or whatever these tards believe but I should be glad they made that warning so obvious though.

  3. When agenda is the primary focus: "Breaking even" means they have enough the money to send their message all over again.

    As for the innovative female empowering title – So everyone is going to just ignore "Bonnie and Clyde" from 1967? Name order is usually based on how well it rolls off the tongue.

  4. Some food for thought. I would see a movie that was ironically capturing gender roles in movies, if it were named something like "Hansel….and Gretal" to use cynicism and irony to portray the point instead of just making it so obvious and direct that there's not even a point of trying to interpret it or watching the movie to see what the message really is.

  5. So, what the article is saying in a nutshell is: Women are unpredictable and forever changing their minds, which will continuously alters the plot of the story, (you never know what she going to do next.) This makes them valuable as a protagonist, where as a man would be too stable and predictable throughout the storyline.

  6. Forget the fact the reason Hansel and Gretel survived the witches house is because Hansel and Gretel worked together to protect each other. It wasn't just all Hansels doing or all Gretels doing, it was both of them. Now these woke cultists are poisoning my favorite Dark Fairy tale.

    Trying to destroy my childhood once shame on you trying to destroy my childhood twice then shame on me, for buying a ticket hoping it can be good. Trying to destroy my childhood three times then fuck you Hollywood you are a Asshole and you deserve to go out of business!

  7. I just thought it was going to be a film made by and for the Shutter website.

    And on the title, while the order is more correct linguistically (being in order of age in this version and alphabet), changing the title from how the fairy tale is most commonly structured is jarring. I have a feeling that any of Hansel's clever or kind actions have been given to Gretel or omitted entirely though, based on this interview.

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