How To Market Your Music In 2020 | My Secret Strategy

How To Market Your Music In 2020 | My Secret Strategy

In here is video How To Market Your Music In 2020 | My Secret Strategy

My secret strategy for how to market your music in 2020 starts with forgetting everything they’ve been trying to tell you about Traditional Music Marketing. Sorry to break it to you, but It’s dead. It simply doesn’t work anymore. It’s just a way for these “industry gurus” to keep you from becoming their competition. In my opinion the absolute best way to rapidly build your music career is by using Magnetic Music Marketing. Also known as my M3 Framework. In this video I pull back the curtain and breakdown exactly why Magnetic Music Marketing is the future, and why it’s something you need to start using ASAP.

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35 thoughts on “How To Market Your Music In 2020 | My Secret Strategy

  1. Where can I check out your music? Are you a musician making money from your music or a musician turned Marketing expert making money from teaching others how you market your marketing, thank you for your time.

  2. Amazing Adam. Literally making around 1500 -2000 dollars a month just doing music at this point. Making a living already but it’s not enough. I am gonna take the money I saved for your program and I already know there won’t be a single regret!

  3. Thanks Adamivy , what i learn from you that people want to connect with you not just with your music , this way you can provide more valuable lessons not just about music but about daily life , if you present a value to ppl you gonna get paid.

  4. Music promotion teachers are the saints of this decade!! Thank you so much for your work! I would love anyones opinion on my first single release on my channel!! Thank you Adam!!

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