Pizza Hut and Anime: A Marketing Love Story

Pizza Hut and Anime: A Marketing Love Story

In here is video Pizza Hut and Anime: A Marketing Love Story



Ever since I made that product placement/displacement video I’ve been thinking it’d be fun to make a video dedicated to the surprisingly large number of anime Pizza Hut Japan has been involved with–and almost 2 years later, here we finally are!

Thanks to @_seaPancake on Twitter for doing the art in my end card! Check out more of her work here:

Thumbnail layout by @OGmagicalgirl


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47 thoughts on “Pizza Hut and Anime: A Marketing Love Story

  1. can we talk about the fact that in the Code Geass Universe the Roman empire didn't existed, therefore Italy doesn't exist and so does pizza itself couldn't exist? Even if it does Britannia is not even a capitalist free-market nation so Pizza Hut the company can't exist either.

  2. so to be clear,in FMAB them eating pizza would be weird,them 2 people a boy in Armour,one with a metal arm who basically could turn anything to whatever the plot demanded was normal,but pizza would break the immersion….we are way past that at some point I dont even know what century they are in,if they brought it in gradually no one would even notice.

  3. Lol I remember when I was watching code geass whenever I would order pizza hut I'd ask them if they supported the rebellion most pizza hut guys would have no idea what I was talking then one day I had someone shout Viva Britannia over the phone lol

  4. Small correction: the Pizza Hut FMA promo image wasn't made until 09 (for Brotherhood). Still, the rest of the campaign (more specifically, the clock/pillow/armor giveaway) was for Conqueror of Shamballa, like I said. As far as I can tell, the 09 campaign didn't get NEARLY as much press attention as the 05 one.

  5. That promo image definitely looks more tied to the 2009 anime than it does the Conqueror of Shamballa film, like all the other subsequent giveaway material you showed looks like. The soft outlines, curvier faces, etc. don't match the character art from either the 2003 anime or its sequel film. Was that really an image they used in 2005? I'm kind of surprised if so.

  6. I watched Code Geass on DVD first where all the Pizza Hut logos were edited out because Pizza Hut USA didn't clear the product placement. So all the memes and references to Pizza Hut I saw online were really confusing as in the DVD edit C2 is just obsessed with unbranded blank white boxes of pizza. Which come to think is bizarre in retrospect because every generic pizza box I have ever seen has still had.. like… pictures of pizza and what not on it usually.

  7. The FullMetal Alchemist poster is actually depressing because Alphonse can't eat anything without a body… then it wraps around to being wholesome again because Al is a good boy who is just happy to see his friends enjoying some delicious pizza from Pizza Hut (TM).

  8. So is Pizza Hut associated with anime otaku in Japan the same way Mountain Dew is with gamers in the US? I gotta know. Please someone bestow this glorious knowledge on me, I’m begging. 🙏

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