Why gender-based marketing is bad for business | Gaby Barrios

Why gender-based marketing is bad for business | Gaby Barrios

In here is video Why gender-based marketing is bad for business | Gaby Barrios

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Companies often target consumers based on gender, but this kind of advertising shortcut doesn’t just perpetuate outdated stereotypes — it’s also bad for business, says marketing expert Gaby Barrios. In this clear, actionable talk, she explains why gender-based marketing doesn’t drive business nearly as much as you might think — and shows how companies can find better ways to reach customers and grow their brands.

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4 thoughts on “Why gender-based marketing is bad for business | Gaby Barrios

  1. Wait, if it is bad business to market based on gender, then it should also be bad business to market based on language the channel is broadcast in, etc. I am open to what the science says.

  2. it's not outdated method, it simply depends on what you are selling, chances are if I sell makeup most of my audience will be women of certain ages, then we must be careful on what we cut out, we could have more audience maybe, but at the same time it's important to segment and target as detailed as possible… I don't know, I feel I wasted 15 min of my life (video + comment), but hey! Good life to everyone

  3. In that I used for my company this is nonsense.
    You just got trigerred, wonder where you got the data of 200 nations.

    And lastly on your last statement you said it perfectly that its for enviroment not for business.

    I agreed its good for enviroment but not for business. Don't make things up please.

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