Best Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Best Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Here is video: Best Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

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Hey guys, in this video i’ll be sharing with you my proven low budget facebook advertising strategy. This is the same strategy I used to scale my shopify dropshipping stores to multiple six figures.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any questions, leave a comment down below and i’ll try my best to get back to all of you guys! hayden bowles


35 thoughts on “Best Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

  1. Is it ok if i use the same campaing from phase 1 and 2 by just killing the bad ones and duplicating and changing to new targeting and keep the winning targeting running?

  2. Thanks so much for this. I've got a higher budget so I've extended the days rather than just kill the ads after a day. I'm almost 2 weeks in and I've already made 9 sales. Super excited!!

  3. Wow! So it's possible to get up and running an entire store from only $30/Day?
    That's really encouraging to know!

    I'm really excited to continue learning a bit more and then getting to grinding out some action.

    My favorite part about this video is the fact that you can scale after only spending $500 which is a nice thing to have learned.

  4. Hi John , I have been following up your videos a lot so I have a few questions for you
    1) what is the difference between a £5 advert per day and a £10 or more advert budget per day? Is it that the advert with more money will cover or Reach more people than the one with less?
    2) I am in the U.K. but have a hard time setting the shipping rates. Can you do a short video explaining the shipping rates and how they should be configured ?
    3) you’ve always taught the importance of being organised in business. How should one organise their finances. That is the money one uses to purchase and sell and advertise and so on. How would one be able to separate these things without mixing them up.
    4) what are the expenses to be claimed from dropshipping? How do we organise our expenses?
    5) is it better to start as a sole trader or just as a company. Of course I know one will pay more tax with we trader but it will not be wise to start off as a company without knowing if it’s going to be profitable or not.
    6) how much will brexit Impact dropshipping compared to Amazon FBA ?
    7)when launching a new product, after the testing phase what is the recommended budget to spend on ads.
    Thank you very much I look forward to learning from you
    U.K. by the way in case u wish to know location

  5. Hi Verum Ecom, thank god I found your channel. You are absolutely right about most people there are selling courses for profits. I spent couple of thousand dollars and i can say that your information are so detailed and accurate. It's exactly what our beginners needs to know how. The best thing is you are so clearly explained how everything works and why it works this way. I can't say thank you enough for all these FREE loaded information……

  6. I'm thinking how to kill ads? Because the last time i kill ads was toggling the blue switch to off. The moment i toggle it, everything went from perfect to haywire. I was all over the place tying to rectify the ads. And now i can't even review and publish sh*t hahaha! OTW to toilet i was head banging unconsciously.Can you imagine head banging to toilet. Even my two cats ran away when they saw me head banging!

  7. Thanks for the video! But I must say you tend to speak extremely fast in most of your video which makes it hard to actually understand you ideas. Just an honest feedback from a viewer.

  8. You mentioned getting a credit card to pay for COGs and other things while you're waiting for your stripe payouts. But what happens if you exceed the credit limit say $500? Will I still be able to pay through my credit card or will I have to pay the amount ($500) in full in order to use the credit card again? I'm sorry I don't really understand how credit card works

  9. The biggest thing I learnt from you is that you actually need to invest 500$ plus on ads even just to test your product. A lot of other dropshipping youtubers out there make you believe that 20 $ is all you need.

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