Here is video: COMPARING THE 3 TYPES OF DROPSHIPPING IN 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping

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Whaddup my people! Really can’t overstate how important I think this is. Once I started understanding the differences between these 3 types of dropshipping, shit just got so much clearer and it became so much easier to make “winning” stores. Hope you guys take this one to heart! Look forward to talking with y’all in the comments. Big Nate – OUT.

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46 thoughts on “COMPARING THE 3 TYPES OF DROPSHIPPING IN 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping

  1. Quick question, on the dog bed website they said they were featured on a bunch of magazines and websites and all that, is it okay to do that and is it smart to add validity to a product? And is it okay if they reviewed the same product just not my branded one, would it be okay then?

  2. Hey bro, another great video and once again relevant and realistic info. I have never had success with a general store either, mostly one product stores, and 2 sub niche stores have what's done it for me with some decent success. For 2020 I am going to focus more on sub niche stores though, so I can test more product in the long and try to build a brand around it. I was wondering if you were going make any more Facebook ad strategy videos? Love your style and honesty so would be super dope to see your thoughts. I tried a few different strategies and found one that works pretty good that I have been using fir the last 8 months or so, but again, would love to get some advice from you. Especially so with testing with CBOs. Thanks again man, cheers.

  3. Nate, yet another great video, no bullshit, just relevant subject matter presented well……now I just have to work out how to use that info to make a buck! 4 months in and looking for inspiration/ideas for my second store, BTW first only made 3 sales! Love the business model though, just can't quit.

  4. decent video, all you have to do now is learn how to make a general store, it should be themed and the items should stand out and overall have differences. You have to be a expert in the domain to do it effectively to make sure you know what your selling to the audience and to differentiate each product according the their specific needs.

  5. Love these videos lately man. Can you do a video on going from deciding which product you're gonna use to building out the stote/site, covering which website builder you use/best plug-ins for people on a budget, etc. A basic video on that would be helpful, even if you don't want to give too much away and if it's not to detailed and specific. I know there are a lot of similar videos on YT but I prefer your judgement and opinion more.

  6. @Nate What about USA suppliers? I’ve been wanting to start my store but the whole coronavirus has me worried that people might not want to buy from China right now or that it would be seriously delayed.

  7. Love the vids. Anyone have any thoughts on a store that sells bulk (1 yr supply of a product) in a cosmetic niche and market it as a subscription, ie become a member and "get access to the facebook group with 24/7 counseling and tips, free ebook, etc". How else would I get someone to buy bulk better, basically? The product is for men and has a bit of a learning curve to use.

  8. Hey Nate wassup. Love your videos bud, very informative and thought provoking and delivered in a down to earth manner. This video is a great reminder to keep focussed on one type of store and get good at it. Keep your vids coming, love 'em!

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