Forget Shopify, This Stock Is Making BIG Moves!

Forget Shopify, This Stock Is Making BIG Moves!

Here is video: Forget Shopify, This Stock Is Making BIG Moves!

In this video I talk about this high growth telemedicine stock that rivals Teledoc. The company is in its early days still and have MUCH more room to grow. I discuss the recent price action using technical analysis since many investors are wondering why there are such big moves in the stock.

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I am a big believer in stock market investing as one of the main ways to achieve Financial Independence. If you are too, I would love for you to join me on this journey as I track my progress towards Financial Independence. The day that I can reach that goal will be the day I Retire Early and do the jobs in life the I love without caring about the paycheque. I hope to build a community of like-minded individuals who want to reach financial independence while living a reasonable life because what good is money if you die early from only eating instant noodles (for the record, I love instant noodles)!

Note that this is NOT professional financial advice but rather documenting what I have learned over the years I have been investing. I want to share my journey with you to inspire you to take a hold of your finances and not fall victim to debt.


31 thoughts on “Forget Shopify, This Stock Is Making BIG Moves!

  1. When I buy stocks and hold for say, 1 to 2 months, and they increase in value, (eg. SHLL) if I sell half of my positions for profit within my tsfa account and invest in other stocks, would I have to pay tax on the profit to cra?

  2. Hi Fire Grind, great insight! What a coincidence – I also started to master technical analysis recently. Where are you learning all your technical analysis skills from? I am using the YouTube channel of a phenomenal Singaporean trader named “Rayner Teo” to learn the ins and outs of technical analysis. You can visit his channel, click the playlist, and watch the videos from each topic. Hope that helps 😊

  3. hey buddy I have 250 doc bcz of you thx man and I'm planning to buy more what do u think what is the price target if buy more and find some interesting stock like this please
    thank you

  4. Hey what's your take on lumber companies like CWX and WFT? I bought into CWX because it looks like the increase in demand for lumber for home renovations and real estate construction is driving their market price up. It also helps that CWX is a very good dividend payer.

  5. Another helpful tip is to monitor the CloudMd app reviews in AppStore. Number of reviews are growing fast and if it continues at the same speed it will overtake Teladoc app reviews by end of September. Keep it quite guys shhhh

  6. Do you think it will pull back a little. Same as the correction that happened to well health? Cant really decide to buy more now of cloudmd. I just wantched it from 1.19 last friday and keep on going up. No signs of slowing down. Got in when it was .92 made me more excited and wanted to buy more. Im for long on this and i see this has a bright future. Thank you for the reviews it helps alot of new investors like me. 👍

  7. Hi Daniel, I fully enjoy all your videos. Looking for an advice to save some money. I appreciate it very much. I have TD direct investment a/c Is it possible for me to transfer 5 different stocks in kind out of 11 stocks I have into wealth simple trade a/c? I’ve never used wealth simple trade. I am looking to transfer those 5 different company stocks in kind to wealth simple and sell it without having to pay commissions and also keep my Td Direct investment a/c . Any advice. Thank you again

  8. I'm up 45% on it. Bought WELL and DOC.V on the same week. Picking up some more of it next week. FOOD is back down and looking like a good entry point could be made there. And I missed getting into ATZ when it hit 17 last week. Great tech analysis, going to be doing a lot of reading and watching to start using these charts. Been just using the financials for most of these companies.

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