Free Dropshipping Course | $0 to $10,569 Per Day In 30 Days | Shopify Case Study 2020 For Beginners

Free Dropshipping Course | $0 to $10,569 Per Day In 30 Days | Shopify Case Study 2020 For Beginners

Here is video: Free Dropshipping Course | $0 to $10,569 Per Day In 30 Days | Shopify Case Study 2020 For Beginners

In this video, I take you through the FREE Dropshipping Course in which i share the exact strategy I used to take my new dropshipping store to $803,871 in sales in just 2 months. This free course covers everything you need to know to start a profitable 6-figure Shopify dropshipping store in 2020-2021

✅ Notes From The Video –
✅ Drop Point – [Only $5]
✅ Sample Store –

With my shopify store I focused specifically on dropshipping, meaning taking a product from one website (aliexpress) and putting it on another (shopify). I had a simple website that I models after my competitors since I already knew that their funnel converts and they are making sales.

It’s very important to know your competitors that are selling the same product or are running a store in the same niche as you. I go over different ways how you can find your own winning product and scale it to the moon. Focus on designing an easy going website and spend most of your time with facebook ads. Focus on running traffic to your online shop and don’t give up if you wont start getting sales right of the bat. Remember it takes time for facebook pixel and ad sets to optimize.

For extra work or any logo design I just optimized a website called fiver where I paid VA’s in order to get tasks done like speeding up my shopify store & adding extra buttons for better conversions.

Testing – There are multiple ways to test you can use facebook ads or Instagram influencers. I explain both strategies in detail on how you can test new product on facebook ads for maximum bang for your buck.

Scaling – Scaling is usually done with facebook ads using LLA audiences or CBO campaigns. there are lot of diff. ways,,, I shae multiple ways to get you started so you can take your dropshipping store to next level. At the same time i would recommend launching Retargeting Ads.

At the end we discus few things about human Psychology and how you can use it to make sales on your shopify store. Reading a lot of online articles or forums in your niche is really a great way.



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28 thoughts on “Free Dropshipping Course | $0 to $10,569 Per Day In 30 Days | Shopify Case Study 2020 For Beginners

  1. Shopify Dropshipping Free Course @therealericmassicot… Why pick me for the giveaway? Because I’ll finally be able to buy some Gucci Shoes like you said! Lol, all jokes aside, I started dropshipping in September 2019, I failed miserably after only starting with $500. However, I didn't quit I just adjusted and took your advice which was to save up a couple of thousand G’s and now I'm testing more comfortably, but there's still so much that I now I need to learn. Anyways, content is dope bro definitely a great thing you have going on here! Big thanks from me and the whole dropshipping community!
    …..(P.S pick me though)

  2. Hi Sagar, My name is Pat, I’m 19 and I’m from the UK. I started dropshipping two weeks ago and youre the reason I started. I’ve currently started my second store after quickly realising my first general store was a failure. I am now on day two of running my new one product store and I’m profitable – its really crazy. Right now I just need guidance on scaling. I’m a really fast learner and I have a lot of general skills in video editing, photoshop and design and thats why I think I’m profitable within two weeks. I’m really motivated and I literally live for the cha ching sound haha – look forward to hearing back from you. my IG is @patmane2k

  3. Hi Sagar, You are doing a great job….keep it up!
    I am an Engineer from India who lost his job an year back. In January I got fed up with unsuccessful job interviews hence decided to do something of my own for my kids and family. Though I had started learning dropshipping this year 2020 only but gained a lot of information from every YouTuber. Subscribed to Shopify $29 plan on this 25th Jan. Then setp up my General Store showcasing 10-15 products. My store is customized as a branded one in look n feel. Got membership on Droppoint. Contacted several suppliers on Alibaba (some really do dropshippping) & US agents. I know good video editing, graphics and creative copy writing skills since college days. Yet I need some mentor to go live with fb ads as it's my weakest point; I had shut my fb account 7yrs back. Activated account recently. Let me know if you want to visit my store?
    IG: tailored_millionaire

    Note: Even I have planned a five star rated single product store inspired by bl**djet, similar but twice powerful with a unique Alibaba supplier!

    Edit: No regrets if you don't select me, I learnt a lot from you guys…that's more than enough. Thanks for all your effort and time here on Youtube. But do please ask me my store to review n give feedback.

  4. Hey Sagar! My name is Othman , i'm a 21 years old from Morocco. i just create my Store and now im struggling with ads because i have 200 Dollars and i want to do instagram influencers marketing and i don't have marketing idea My ig is @ecomlost

  5. 2:25 if you ship a product from us based supplier – and a customer of your store buys product from anywhere over seas, lets say UK or Chile – does it get to there in the same amount of time ? 4-7 days ? thanks

  6. Sagar, this is an awesome video! Nice to see someone being honest and showing their journey. Very refreshing! I'm a single father looking to try and start learning dropshipping while I am in between work contracts and have the time to give real feedback for your beta test program. Thanks for considering me. P.S. I don't have instagram so you could contact me with replying to this comment if I am chosen? This would change my life to have success like you!

  7. Hey I'm a mother of 2 and wife of 1 lol! I've been droppshipping for a month now. Really just breaking even with the 2 stores I built. I'm looking to gain even more knowledge through your course. Great content!!! IG:atiaanyadiegwu

  8. Hey Sagar, I am Taher and i have been using the dropshipping model here in the U.A.E and have generated over $30k. I am looking forward to going international now and would love to receive mentorship from you while crushing it!! Thanks my G 🙏🏼 @taher_sadri

  9. How you doing sagar! I’m Vernon 30 yrs old I’ve started dropshipping a month now it’s something I like I haven’t got the fundamentals yet but your videos help me out a lot I’m facing some issues but I’m working on it. I would love for you to teach me in depth. I can be reached @browngeneral

  10. I am 36 years old guy. After seeing all these young successful people who makes living online i quitted my job. I am a beginner at dropshipping. Generally unlucky hope to win this course. Thanks for all of the videos you made Sagar. You showed me that people who say dropshipping is finished are wrong.

  11. This is my 6th venture in 6 years. Down to my credit cards. This is my last hooraaa before I go get a job. Either this works or I join the 9-5. Praying that I finally figure out the formula to get this dropshipping business to work. IG @blewscruz

  12. Thanks for the bomb Mr. Miller! I'm 26 y/o and I'm still building my first eCommerce store. Gonna launch it this weekend. Win or not, I'm gonna learn from this. Leggooo button smashers!! @tsinelasss

  13. Hey Sagar! My name is Ray and I’ve been practicing drop shipping for about a month now and I’ve just recently scheduled some Facebook ads after watching all of your videos. I really would love your help brother. My Instagram is @rayy.all.dayy

  14. Whats up Sagar! I watched all your videos last year and it inspired me to actually take action in dropshipping. I started a store and made a few sales, but I was working at the time and have two kids to take care of. I was laid off from my job (Engineering) and decided to go all in on dropshipping. I WILL succeed at dropshipping and will continue to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!! Instagram is Speedjunkie707

  15. Hey Sagar , I’m Cey, i’m 19 years old started watching you for 4 months now . I have your post notifications turned on . Just opened up my store and got a few sales could of been more successful but run to some issues . But I will continue to make things work . Keep up the good advice and vives are just amazing my guy ‼️

  16. Hey wassup Sagar my name is Jonathan and I am new to dropshipping I’m currently looking at other YT videos to get a really good understanding of dropshipping I’ve done 2 stores in the past and only made about 250$ in total. Would be a privilege to learn and grow from your teaching! My IG is @jonathan_madeit

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