How I Process + Pack + Ship My Shopify Orders 2019

How I Process + Pack + Ship My Shopify Orders 2019

Here is video: How I Process + Pack + Ship My Shopify Orders 2020

In this video I am showing you how I fulfill my orders as an Shopify store owner. Everyone does things a little different based off their store but this is what I do for selling small products.

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– Create your business plan with a Law Depot template:

– Kartra (all in one funnel builder with build in email automation):

– Manychat:

– Best SMMA Course by Jeff Miller:


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15 thoughts on “How I Process + Pack + Ship My Shopify Orders 2019

  1. Great vid! Couple questions… Have you ever included a packing slip? or needed a packing slip for orders outside the US? I am based in Canada and hope to expand to the US side and wonder if this is needed.

  2. Hey Hannah!! Thank you soo much for this info,i've been looking for this everywhere. You just got a new sub. I do have a question tho..Before launching my shopify store, I would like people to enter and just sign up with their email as a landing page..How do I create that?

  3. Hannah! Very good video. "Give a call to action post purchase, that was solid advise." What's your zodiac, you are so organized and entertaining when you explain. Seriously know that this channel is going to blow up. Keep doing this. Thank You.

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