Making $1.8 Million Selling Dad Shirts With Shopify Print On Demand (Case Study)

Making $1.8 Million Selling Dad Shirts With Shopify Print On Demand (Case Study)

Here is video: Making $1.8 Million Selling Dad Shirts With Shopify Print On Demand (Case Study)

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The Dads / Fathers niche is a super large, super passionate niche that is perfect for shopify print on demand.

There are more than a few big stores selling Dads / Fathers related t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and all kinds of print on demand products.

When it comes to the Dads / Fathers niche, you can really find some massive winners!

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These designs all take advantage of the best business model online right now…

Shopify + Print on Demand.

There’s been even BIGGER winners out there too in this niche.

With over 150+ Million Family Members targetable on Facebook in the USA alone, it’s easy to see why it’s been so profitable for so many.

Stats were obtained from the research tool.

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