Shopify Store Makes $32k With One UPSELL Funnel | Zipify Apps

Shopify Store Makes $32k With One UPSELL Funnel | Zipify Apps

Here is video: Shopify Store Makes $32k With One UPSELL Funnel | Zipify Apps

“The app just works. it’s easy to follow, it’s easy to set up, and it’s one less thing for me to worry about, which definitely helps with the sleep at night.” – Mark, Founder of Mantasleep 😴

Looking for new ways to generate more revenue, Mark installed OCU and began seeing eye-opening results right away.

By offering the same product the customer just added to the cart as an upsell, Mark produced a 6.85% conversion rate, totalling over $24K.

“This specific funnel has a 6.85% conversion for this product. It’s phenomenal. It takes 5 minutes of work to add this in. People love it…”

Split-testing the next upsell in his funnel, Mark noticed about a 5% difference in the upsell take rate of the two products. This single split-test generated over $6K in revenue alone with the winning upsell converting at 8.88%. 💥

“Without the split-testing feature we would never know this. But, because of this we do and we can now choose a winner.”


✅ Views: 14,230
✅ Conversion Rate: 6.85%
✅ Extra Revenue: Over $32,000
✅ $ / Visit: $1.75
With OCU it’s simple to create funnels that convert, especially when you have the right resources.

Zipify’s free training content helped Mark maximize his upsell funnel and put the competition to sleep. 🥱

It’s actually what he loves the most:

“I think you should use OCU and the other Zipify apps because of the training provided. 🎓

What I really find valuable with Zipify’s OCU and the other apps is just the great support and training.

Sometimes having a tool isn’t enough if you don’t really know what to do with it and that’s certainly been the case for me with a lot of different tools out there.

With OCU, you get regular updates from the team, Ezra Firestone himself, and there’s just a ton of content that teaches you how to leverage the tool and really get the maximum impact.

That’s what I find to be the most valuable part of being part of the ZIpify experience and that’s why you should give OCU a go!”
– Mark, 😴
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